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Terms Of Service

These Terms Of Service (Referred To As "Terms") Govern Your Use Of The Job Flex Website. 

The Website Is Referred To As The "Site," And It Is Provided By Mh Flex Group Limited. When We Mention "We," "Us," Or "Job Flex," We Are Referring To Mh Flex Group Limited. When We Say "You" Or "User," We Mean You As A User Of The Site.

Before You Begin Using The Site, Please Carefully Review These Terms. By Accessing The Site, Creating An Account, Or Clicking To Accept These Terms When The Option Is Presented, You Acknowledge And Agree, On Behalf Of Yourself Or Any Entity You Represent (If Applicable), To Be Bound By These Terms Of Service And The Job Flex Fees And Charges, Which Are Found Here ("Fees And Charges") And Are Incorporated Into These Terms By Reference. You Also Confirm That You Have Read And Understood Our Privacy Policy, Which Is Available Here. If You Do Not Wish To Agree To These Terms Or The Privacy Policy, You Should Refrain From Using Or Accessing The Site. For More Detailed Information On The Site's Activities And Usage Policies, Please Refer To The Specific Sections Provided.  

Please Note That The Site Is Intended For Use By Individuals Who Are At Least 18 Years Old And Legally Capable Of Entering Into A Binding Contract. By Using The Site, You Confirm That You Meet All Eligibility Requirements Mentioned Above. If You Do Not Meet These Requirements, You Should Not Access Or Use The Site.

Should You Have Any Inquiries About The Site Or These Terms, You Can Reach Our Customer Support Team By Submitting A Request Through This Link.

The Primary Language Of These Terms, As Well As All Content Across The Site, Is English. Job Flex Provides Translations For Convenience Only. In The Event Of Any Discrepancies Between The Original English Version And Any Translated Versions, The English Version Will Take Precedence.

Key Definitions

Buyers Are Individuals Who Procure Services On Job Flex.

Personalised Proposals Are Unique Suggestions That A Service Provider Can Formulate In Response To Specific Demands Presented By A Buyer.

Personalised Requests Are Appeals Initiated By A Buyer To Receive A Personalised Proposal From A Service Provider.

Service Add-Ons Are Supplementary Offerings Provided In Conjunction With A Service Provider's Primary Service For An Extra Fee Established By The Service Provider.

Service Packages Enable Service Providers To Present Services In Various Formats And Price Ranges. Packages Might Encompass Enhancements, Granting Service Providers The Capability To Value Their Service At A Base Cost Exceeding Rwf 6000.

Service Page Is The Designated Area Where The Service Provider Can Elaborate On Their Service, Terms, And Conditions, While The Buyer Can Acquire The Service And Initiate An Order.

Service(S) Are Offerings Provided On Job Flex.

Order Communication Is Conducted On The Order Page, Where Buyers And Service Providers Interact In Relation To A Requested Service.

Service Orders Denote The Official Agreements Established Between A Buyer And A Service Provider After A Service Purchase From The Service Provider's Service Page.

Service Providers Or Freelancers Are Individuals Who Present And Execute Services Via Service Listings/Service Offerings.

Account Creation On Jobflex.Pro

Understanding The Procedure For Establishing An Account On Jobflex.Pro, Encompassing The Types Of Accounts Available.

Account Enrollment

To Fully Access Our Services, The Initiation Of An Account Is Mandatory. The Approval Of Your Registration Is Contingent Upon Our Review.

In Order To Engage With Specific Segments Of Our Services, It Is Essential To Complete The Account Registration Process ("Account"). Users Who Have Successfully Registered Are Acknowledged As "Users," While Those Who Haven't Are Considered "Site Visitors."

Please Be Aware That The Confirmation Of Your Account Registration Rests With Job Flex. We Retain The Prerogative To Reject Any Registration, Whether For Joining Job Flex Or Adding Any Account Type, For Valid Reasons Including Factors Such As Market Dynamics, Data Maintenance Costs, Or Other Business Considerations.

Account Eligibility

Affirming The Commitment To Use Our Services Exclusively For Business Purposes And Ensuring Your Eligibility To Participate In This Agreement, Taking Into Account Age And Other Criteria.

Job Flex Extends Its Services Exclusively For Business Utilisation, Refraining From Catering To Personal Or Consumer Usage. By Enrolling For An Account Or Engaging With Our Services, You Assert That You: (A) Conduct Business Activities As An Independent Self-Employed Individual/Sole Proprietor, Or As A Representative Or Employee Of An Autonomous Business Entity (Such As A Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Or Equivalent); (B) Intend To Utilise Our Services Solely For Business-Related Objectives; (C) Will Adhere To All Prerequisites Related To Licensing, Registration, Or Other Applicable Mandates Pertinent To Your Business Or The Business You Represent, Including Any Provision Or Delivery Of Freelancer Services; And (D) Are Either A Legally Recognized Entity Or An Individual Aged 18 Years Or Older (Or The Majority Age Specified By Your Country, If It Exceeds 18), And Possess The Capacity To Enter Into Legally Binding Agreements.

Profile Information

When Signing Up, It's Essential To Provide Accurate Personal Details, And You Must Keep Your Account Information Up-To-Date If There Are Any Changes. If The Information You Provide Is Found To Be False, Outdated, Or Incomplete, We Have The Right To Suspend Or Terminate Your Account.

To Create An Account And Utilise Our Services, You'll Need To Create A User Profile ("Profile"). This Profile May Be Visible To Other Users And, Unless You Adjust Your Privacy Settings, May Also Be Visible To The Public. By Creating A Profile, You Agree To Furnish Accurate And Complete Information On Your Profile, Registration Forms, And Other Applicable Documents. It's Your Responsibility To Maintain Current Information. You Must Refrain From Providing Misleading Or Incorrect Details About Your Identity, Location, Business, Skills, Services Offered, Or The Beneficial Owner(S) Of Your Business. Any False Or Misleading Information Should Be Promptly Corrected. We Retain The Right To Suspend Or Terminate The Account Or Access To Our Services For Individuals Providing False, Inaccurate, Or Incomplete Information During Profile Or Account Creation.

Account Types

We Offer Two Distinct Account Types: Buyer And Seller. As A Seller, You'll Have The Opportunity To Showcase And Offer Your Skills And Services To Potential Buyers. On The Other Hand, Buyers Are Individuals Or Companies Seeking Services From Sellers. After Your Initial Registration, You Can Easily Add Both Buyer And Seller Account Types To Your Profile Without The Need For Re-Registering. Your Account Will Encompass Both Of These Types, Reflecting Your Dual Role On Our Platform. Always Remember To Safeguard Your Account Password And Feel Free To Grant Permissions To Others If Needed, Allowing Them To Operate As Sellers Or Buyers Under Your Account.

Verification Of Identity And Location

Ensuring The Integrity And Security Of Our Platform Is Of Paramount Importance To Us At Job Flex. As Part Of Our Commitment To Maintaining A Trustworthy Environment For All Users, We Have Established Comprehensive Identity Verification Processes. 

Authorisation For Identity Verification

By Using Our Platform, You Grant Us The Authority To Undertake Any Necessary Inquiries To Validate Your Identity. This Verification Process May Be Carried Out Directly By Us Or Through Trusted Third-Party Entities. At Our Request, You Agree To:

1. Provide Additional Information: Upon Our Request, Furnish Additional Information Such As Your Date Of Birth Or Other Pertinent Details That Enable Us To Accurately Identify You.

2. Confirmation Of Ownership: Take Necessary Steps To Confirm Ownership Of Your Email Address Or Financial Instruments Linked To Your Account.

3. Verification From Third-Party Sources: Consent To Having Your Information Verified Against Third-Party Databases Or Alternative Sources.

Document Submission And Verification

In Line With Our Identity Validation Procedures, You May Be Asked To Submit Copies Of Identification Documents, Such As Your Passport Or National Id.

Video Interview For Enhanced Verification

Account Access And Information Update

In Circumstances Where We Are Unable To Acquire Or Verify The Information Requested Under This Section, We Hold The Right To Suspend, Close, Or Limit Access To Your Account, The Website, And/Or Our Job Flex Services. To Align With Identity Documentation, We May Update Your Details On The Website Accordingly. For Disbursements, Such As Wire Transfers, Adherence To Beneficiary Details That Correspond To Your Identity Documents And Account Information Is Mandatory.

Importance Of Verification

Being Verified By Job Flex Holds Significance. It Signifies That You Have Successfully Undergone Our Identity Verification Process. Not Being Verified By Job Flex May Impact Your Ability To Withdraw Funds From Your Job Flex Account And May Be Accompanied By Certain Restrictions.Your Cooperation With Our Identity Verification Measures Contributes To The Overall Security And Reliability Of Our Platform. It Reinforces The Trust That Users Place In Job Flex And Promotes A Secure Environment For All Participants.

Access Credentials

You Will Keep Your Login Credentials Confidential And Refrain From Sharing Them, And You Will Not Utilise Another Person's Credentials.

Every Individual Using Our Services Must Establish Their Own Dedicated Account, Complete With A Unique Username And Password. It Is Your Responsibility To Safeguard And Uphold The Secrecy Of Your Login Credentials. You Pledge Not To Distribute Your Username Or Password With Others. You Hold Accountability For Maintaining The Security Of Your Access Credentials And For Any Actions Taken Using Your Username And Password. Should You Suspect Unauthorised Use Of Your Account Or Unauthorised Access To Your Password, You Are Obligated To Promptly Inform Us. Moreover, You Agree Not To Employ Another User's Username And Password, Nor To Allow Another Individual's Access To Your Account.

Only Registered Users Are Eligible To Both Purchase And Offer Services On Job Flex. The Process Of Registration Is Free Of Charge. When Registering An Account, You Are Required To Provide Accurate, Complete, And Up-To-Date Information, Refraining From Creating An Account With Fraudulent Or Misleading Intentions. You Bear Sole Responsibility For All Activities Associated With Your Account And For Maintaining The Confidentiality And Security Of Your Password. Our Liability Is Not Extended To Any Actions Or Oversights On Your Part In Connection With Your Account.

Services Available On Job Flex Might Be Presented With An Initial Starting Price Of Rwf 6000. However, Certain Services May Carry A Starting Price Exceeding Rwf 6000, As Determined By The Service Provider.

Buyers Submit Advance Payments To Job Flex For The Creation Of An Order (Refer To Fees And Charges For Details).

Orders Are Initiated Through The Order Button Situated On A Service Provider's Service Page Or Through A Personalized Proposal.

For Comprehensive Details Concerning Fees And Payments, Kindly Review The Fees And Charges.

Service Providers Are Obliged To Fulfil Their Orders And Should Not Cancel Orders Regularly Or Without Valid Grounds. Frequent Cancellations Can Adversely Impact A Service Provider's Reputation And Status.

Service Providers Attain Account Statuses (Levels) Based On Their Performance And Reputation. Elevated Levels Offer Additional Privileges, Including The Ability To Offer Services At Increased Prices Through Service Add-Ons Or Selling Their Service In Multiples.

Users Are Prohibited From Offering Or Accepting Payments Through Methods Other Than Placing An Order Via Jobflex.Pro.

Upon Purchasing A Service, Buyers Are Granted Full Rights To The Delivered Work, Unless Otherwise Indicated By The Service Provider On Their Service Page. 

Job Flex Reserves The Right To Employ All Publicly Displayed Delivered Works For Promotional And Marketing Purposes Related To Job Flex.

Your Privacy Is Of Utmost Importance To Us. You Can Peruse Our Privacy Policy Here.

Users Are Obligated To Adhere To Job Flex's Terms Of Service Standards, A Collection Of Conduct Regulations And Guidelines Applicable To The Job Flex Marketplace. These Standards Supplement These Terms Of Service And May Be Updated Periodically.

Service Providers


Service Providers Create Services On Job Flex To Offer Them For Purchase By Buyers.

Service Providers Can Also Extend Custom Offers To Buyers Alongside Their Services.

Upon Successful Completion Of Each Service And Its Delivery, Your Account Will Be Credited With 15% Of The Total Service Price.

Job Flex Will Credit Service Providers Upon The Conclusion Of An Order. Refer To The "Orders" Section Below For A Precise Definition Of A Completed Order.

For Comprehensive Insights Into Receiving Payments, Fees, And Taxes, Please Consult The Fees And Charges.

Service Providers Are Prohibited From Promoting Their Services Or Any Job Flex Content Through The Google Ads Platform.

The Rating Of A Service Provider Is Determined Based On The Reviews Provided By Buyers. Higher Ratings Enable Service Providers To Achieve Elevated Service Provider Levels (See Levels Below). In Specific Instances, Exceedingly Low Ratings Could Lead To The Temporary Suspension Of The Service Provider’s Account.

To Address Security Concerns, Job Flex Reserves The Right To Temporarily Suspend A Service Provider’s Ability To Withdraw Earnings. This Measure Aims To Prevent Fraudulent Or Illicit Activities And May Be Initiated Due To Security Issues, Inappropriate Conduct Reported By Other Users, Or Instances Of Associating Multiple Job Flex Accounts With A Single Withdrawal Provider.

Service Levels

What Do Seller Levels Signify?

Your Status As A Seller Is Determined By Your Monthly Performance. Delivering Exceptional Service, Ensuring High Buyer Satisfaction, And Consistently Meeting Deadlines Can Elevate Your Status To A Top-Level Position On Jobflex. This Elevated Status Not Only Enhances Your Visibility But Also Increases The Likelihood Of Receiving More Orders And Traffic.

New Seller Tier

Your Journey As A Seller Begins Here. When You Establish A Service On Jobflex, You Enter The New Seller Tier. We Encourage You To Showcase Your Expertise And Deliver Outstanding Service To Ascend To The Next Level.

In This Tier, You Can:

- Create Up To 6 Active Services

- Withdraw Your Earnings Within 4 Days

Progressing Seller Tier 

The Progressing Seller Is Your Next Target. To Reach This Tier, You Need To Fulfil The Following Criteria:

- Maintain Active Seller Status For A Minimum Of 50 Days

- Successfully Complete At Least 7 Orders

- Earn A Total Of Rwf 350,000 Or More

- Sustain A 4.2-Star Rating Over 50 Days

- Maintain A 90% Response Rate Score Over 50 Days

- Achieve A 90% Order Completion Rate Over 50 Days

- Attain A 90% On-Time Delivery Score Over 50 Days

- Receive No Warnings Within 30 Days

- Benefit From Withdrawals Within 3 Days

Expert Seller Tier 

Progressing To The Expert Seller Tier Is Your Goal Here. Fulfil The Following Requirements To Reach This Milestone:

- Maintain Active Seller Status For A Minimum Of 100 Days

- Successfully Complete At Least 30 Orders - Accumulate Earnings Of Rwf 500,000 Or More

- Sustain A 4.2-Star Rating Over 60 Days

- Maintain A 90% Response Rate Score Over 60 Days

- Achieve A 90% Order Completion Rate Over 60 Days

- Attain A 90% On-Time Delivery Score Over 60 Days

- Receive No Warnings Within 30 Days

In This Tier, You Can:

- Enjoy Priority Customer Support

- Benefit From Withdrawals Within 48 Hours.

Top Rated Seller Tier

The Pinnacle Of Achievement Is The Top Rated Seller Tier. Jobflex Recognises Your Exceptional Efforts And Dedication. To Reach This Esteemed Status, Meet The Following Criteria:

- Maintain Active Seller Status For A Minimum Of 180 Days

- Successfully Complete At Least 100 Orders 

- Accumulate Earnings Of Rwf 1,000,000 Or More

- Sustain A 4.2-Star Rating Over 60 Days

- Maintain A 90% Response Rate Score Over 60 Days

- Achieve A 90% Order Completion Rate Over 60 Days

- Attain A 90% On-Time Delivery Score Over 60 Days

- Receive No Warnings Within 30 Days

In This Tier, You Can:

- Create Up To 30 Active Services

- Offer 6 Extras Per Service (£5, £10, £20, £40, £50, £100 For Each Extra)

- Create Custom Offers (Up To £20,000 Each)

- Enjoy Priority Customer Support

- Benefit From Withdrawals Within 7 Days

Service Extras

Service Extras Represent Additional Offerings Supplementary To The Core Service, Available At An Extra Price Set By The Service Provider.

Service Extras Might Be Invalidated For Violations Of Our Terms Of Service Standards. Refer To The Services Section Above For A List Of Services Contravening Our Terms Of Service. Services Are Susceptible To Removal If Violations Are Found In Service Extras.

The Quantity Of Service Extras That Can Be Offered And The Price For Each Service Extra Is Contingent On Your Service Provider Level. Detailed Information Regarding Your Account's Eligibility For Service Extras Can Be Found Here.

Service Extras Must Be Relevant To The Base Service And Integral To The Deliverables Of The Order.

Service Extras Might Encompass Various Categories Of Services That Contribute To A Superior Quality Delivered Service.

Service Providers Have The Option To Extend The Order's Duration For Each Service Extra Added To The Order. This Accounts For The Additional Time Required To Complete The Extra Service.

Shipping Of Physical Goods

Certain Services Offered On Job Flex May Involve The Delivery Of Physical Goods (Such As Arts, Crafts, Collectibles, Etc.). In These Instances, Sellers Have The Option To Establish A Shipping Pricing Factor.

Services That Incorporate A Shipping Pricing Factor Are Those Where Sellers Will Dispatch Tangible Items To Buyers.

Any Shipping Costs Associated With A Service Pertain Exclusively To The Amount Required By Sellers To Send Physical Items To Buyers.

It's Important To Note That Buyers Purchasing Services Necessitating Physical Delivery Will Be Prompted To Furnish A Valid Shipping Address.

Once The Buyer Provides The Shipping Address, It Becomes The Responsibility Of Sellers To Manage All Aspects Of Shipping Arrangements.

Please Be Aware That Job Flex Does Not Oversee Or Guarantee The Shipping, Tracking, Quality, Or Condition Of Items, Nor Their Delivery. As Such, Job Flex Cannot Be Held Accountable For Any Damages Or Issues Arising From Shipping.



As Individuals Seeking Services On Our Platform, It's Essential To Be Familiar With The Guidelines And Principles That Govern Your Interactions With Sellers And Your Use Of Our Platform's Functionalities. These Terms Outline Your Responsibilities As A Buyer On Job Flex And Are Designed To Ensure A Secure And Satisfactory Experience. Please Take A Moment To Review And Understand These Terms.

Payments And Transactions

It's Important To Emphasise That Making Direct Payments To Sellers Outside Of The Official Job Flex Platform Is Strictly Prohibited. This Policy Has Been Established To Uphold The Integrity And Security Of Transactions. All Financial Transactions Should Be Conducted Exclusively Through The Job Flex Platform, Adhering To The Guidelines Provided In Our Fees And Charges.

Usage Of Completed Works

Upon Receiving Services From Sellers And The Subsequent Delivery Of Completed Work, It's Noteworthy That Job Flex Retains The Right To Leverage These Publicly Accessible Completed Works For Promotional And Marketing Purposes. This Practice Allows Us To Showcase The Talents And Capabilities Of Our Diverse Community.

Service Requests

Our Platform Offers The Convenient "Post A Project" Feature, Empowering You To Specify Your Service Needs Within The Parameters Of The Job Flex Marketplace. It's Important To Ensure That The Services Requested Align With The Approved Service Categories Outlined In Our Guidelines Here. Please Refrain From Using The "Post A Project" Feature For Purposes Other Than Sourcing Services From The Job Flex Platform.

Customised Orders

As A Buyer, You Have The Flexibility To Request Custom Orders That Cater To Your Distinct Requirements. Sellers Have The Ability To Provide You With Custom Offers Tailored To Address These Specific Needs, All While Operating Within The Framework Of The Site.

Accepted Payment Methods

To Maintain A Secure And Standardised Environment For Transactions, It's Crucial To Utilise Only The Payment Methods Facilitated Through The Jobflex.Pro Site. If You Encounter Any Requests To Engage In Transactions Using Alternative Payment Methods, Kindly Report These Instances Promptly To Our Dedicated Customer Support Team, Accessible Here.

These Terms Are In Place To Cultivate A Secure And Positive Marketplace Experience For All Participants. By Adhering To These Guidelines, You Contribute To The Overall Integrity Of The Job Flex Community. For Comprehensive Information About Payment Processes, Associated Fees, And Related Matters, Please Consult Our Detailed Fees And Charges.



Understanding The Order Process Is Crucial To Ensuring A Smooth And Successful Experience For Both Buyers And Sellers On The Job Flex Platform. These Terms Elaborate On The Order Procedure And Related Guidelines. Please Review Them Carefully To Comprehend The Steps Involved And Your Responsibilities.

Order Creation

Once Your Payment Is Verified, A Unique Job Flex Order Number  Will Be Assigned To Your Transaction. This Order Number Serves As A Reference For All Subsequent Communications And Actions Related To Your Purchase.

Delivery Of Completed Work

Sellers Are Entrusted With The Responsibility Of Delivering Completed Files And/Or Evidence Of Work Using The "Deliver Work" Button Accessible On The Order Page. This Action Should Align With The Specific Service That Was Procured And Detailed On The Seller's Listing.

Proper Use Of "Deliver Work" Button

It's Of Utmost Importance That Sellers Utilise The "Deliver Work" Button As Per The Guidelines Mentioned In These Terms Of Service. This Button Should Not Be Misused To Bypass Order Requirements. In Instances Where The "Deliver Work" Button Is Employed Without Fulfilling The Order, Appropriate Action Will Be Taken. Such Actions May Involve Order Cancellation, Potential Impact On The Seller's Rating, And Issuance Of A Warning To The Seller.

Order Completion

An Order Attains The Status Of "Complete" Once The Seller Marks It As "Delivered" And The Buyer Subsequently Approves The Delivery. In Situations Where A Buyer Neither Accepts The Delivery Nor Submits A Modification Request Within 3 Days Of The Delivery Being Marked, The Order Will Be Automatically Deemed As "Complete.

Conflict Resolution

We Strongly Encourage Buyers And Sellers To Attempt To Resolve Any Disputes On Their Own. If This Proves Unsuccessful Or If There Are Concerns Regarding Unauthorised Activities On The Platform, Users Can Engage With Job Flex's Dedicated Customer Support Team For Guidance And Assistance, Accessible Here. For Comprehensive Insights Into Disputes, Order Cancellations, And Refund Procedures, Please Consult Our Detailed Fees And Charges.

These Terms Are In Place To Ensure Transparency, Efficiency, And Fairness Throughout The Order Process. Adherence To These Guidelines Contributes To A Positive And Harmonious Environment Within The Job Flex Community.

Order Handling

Effective Order Management Is Essential To Ensure A Positive Experience For Both Buyers And Sellers Within The Job Flex Platform. This Section Outlines The Key Aspects Of Handling Orders, Providing Clear Instructions And Expectations For All Parties Involved.

Notification And Responsibility

Once A Buyer Initiates An Order For A Service, The Respective Seller Is Promptly Notified Via Email And Notifications Within Their Account Dashboard While Logged In.

Adherence To Delivery Time

Sellers Are Obligated To Honour The Delivery Timeframe They Initially Stipulated When Setting Up Their Service Offerings. Failure To Meet The Specified Deadline May Empower The Buyer To Cancel The Order, Especially When The Order Status Is Indicated As Overdue. This Lapse In Meeting Delivery Timelines Could Also Adversely Affect The Seller's Standing Within The Platform.

Completion Confirmation

Upon Fulfilling The Service As Outlined In The Service, Sellers Must Utilise The "Deliver Completed Work" Button Situated On The Order Page. This Action Serves To Formally Indicate The Delivery Of The Service.

Virus And Malware Check

As Part Of Their Responsibilities, Users Should Diligently Inspect All Transferred Files For The Presence Of Viruses And Malware. It Remains The Users' Accountability To Ensure That Any Files Exchanged Are Free From Harmful Content. It Is Important To Note That Job Flex Cannot Be Held Accountable For Any Potential Harm Or Damage Arising From Site Usage, Content Utilisation, Or The Transfer Of Files.

Fees And Charges

The Subsequent Clauses (Referred To As "Fees And Charges") Delineate The Regulations Governing Transactions Conducted Through The Website Www.Jobflex.Com (Hereinafter The "Site"), Which Is Operated By Mh Flex Group Ltd. And Its Subsidiaries.

Mh Flex Group Ltd. And Its Subsidiary Entities Are Collectively Identified Herein As "Jobflex," "We," Or "Us." This Framework Pertains To Card Payments Processed Both Within Rwanda And Internationally And Mobile Money Payement Within Rwanda.

Prior To Engaging In Any Payments, It's Important To Peruse These Fees And Charges Attentively. By Partaking In Payments On The Site, You, On Behalf Of Yourself Or Any Pertinent Entity, Consent To The Stipulations Outlined Within These Fees And Charges. These Conditions Act As A Complementary Component To Jobflex's General Terms Of Service, Where Applicable (Together Termed The "Terms Of Service").


Jobflex Provides A Free Sign-Up Option For Clients To Post Projects, Receive Proposals From Freelancers, Assess The Freelancer's Portfolio, And Discuss Project Requirements. If You Decide To Award A Project, A Nominal Project Fee Is Applied, Proportional To The Value Of The Selected Proposal, Serving As An Introduction Fee.

The Exact Cost And Manner Of Fee Imposition Vary Based On The Project Type.

For Fixed-Price Projects, A Fee Of 4% is Levied Upon Project Awarding. If You Subsequently Make Payments Exceeding The Original Bid Amount To The Service Provider, The Project Fee Will Also Be Applied To Any Additional Payments.

In The Case Of Hourly Projects, A 4% Fee Is Applied To Each Payment You Make To The Freelancer.

Additional Enhancements For Projects Can Be Availed Of Through Optional Upgrades.


When Placing An Order For A Service, Clients Must Deposit Funds Equivalent To The Total Service Cost. The Payment Is Safeguarded In The Jobflex Payment System. You Should Release The Payment Only After You Are Completely Satisfied With The Delivered Work.

Please Note That These Terms Are Subject To The Overarching Terms Of Service Of Jobflex.

For Service Providers (Or Jobflex Freelancers)

Jobflex Offers A Free Registration Process For Freelancers To Create A Profile, Highlight Their Skill Set, Showcase Their Portfolio, Receive Project Alerts, Engage In Project Discussions With Clients, And Submit Bids For Projects. Enhanced Bid Options Are Available For Purchase To Elevate The Visibility Of A Bid.


In The Context Of Fixed-Price Projects, If You Are Selected And Accept The Project, A Nominal Project Fee Proportional To The Chosen Bid Value Is Applied As An Introduction Fee. In Cases Where You Receive Payments Exceeding The Initial Bid Amount, The Project Fee Will Be Added To Any Additional Payments.

For Hourly Projects, The Fee Is Applied To Each Payment Made By The Client To You.

The Fee For Fixed-Price Projects Stands At 15%, While For Hourly Projects, It Remains At 15%.

Please Note That These Terms Operate Under The Broader Framework Of Jobflex's Terms Of Service.

Disputes With Jobflex

Should Any Disagreement Surface Between You And Jobflex, Our Primary Objective Is To Address Your Concerns Promptly. If, For Any Reason, We Are Unable To Resolve The Matter To Your Satisfaction, Our Intention Is To Offer You A Swift Avenue For Resolving The Dispute. We Highly Recommend Initiating Direct Communication With Us As Your Initial Step Towards Finding A Resolution. You Can Do So Conveniently By Utilising Our Dedicated Customer Support Here Or By Sending An Email To Support@Jobflex.pro.

Our Commitment Is To Ensure That Any Dispute Is Handled Efficiently And Effectively, Allowing You To Experience The Best Possible Outcome. We Believe In Open Communication And A Collaborative Approach To Resolving Any Issues That May Arise. Your Satisfaction Remains Our Utmost Priority, And We Are Dedicated To Providing You With A Transparent And Accessible Process For Resolving Disputes.