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We are looking for a creative and strategic Social Media and Marketing Strategist to elevate JobFlex's online presence and engage our target audience.
This role combines social media management with broader marketing responsibilities, supporting both customer acquisition and engagement efforts.


Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy to increase brand awareness and attract new platform users.

Create compelling content that resonates with our freelancers and potential customers, driving engagement and platform usage.

Analyse social media and marketing metrics to refine strategies and campaigns for optimal performance.

Support sales initiatives through targeted marketing campaigns and content, working closely with the Sales and Customer Success Specialist to align efforts.


Increased engagement, followers, and conversion rates across social media channels.
A portfolio of successful marketing campaigns that have contributed to customer acquisition and platform growth.

Detailed analytics reports to track the effectiveness of social media and marketing strategies.

Ideal Candidate:
Experience in social media management and digital marketing, with a strong understanding of freelancing platforms and online communities.
Creative content creation skills, with the ability to craft messages that engage and convert.
Analytical mindset, with proficiency in social media analytics and marketing metrics.

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Social Media and Marketing Strategist
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350,000 FRw /
30 days
PROPOSED STRATEGY FOR JOBFLEX SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Comprehensive Plan: Develop and execute a robust social media strategy to increase brand awareness and attract new users to the platform. Engaging Content: Create... More

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250,000 FRw – 350,000 FRw
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350,000 FRw
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3 weeks ago